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Top 10 College Move Out Essentials

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Will you be moving out for college soon into a dorm? Bedding? Check! Towels? Check! First Aid Kit? Yeah...didn't remember that one!

Here's a list of the top ten essentials that you'll need in your dorm room but probably won't think to bring! Also, this article contains a couple of affiliate links from Amazon that I may receive a small profit from, but I only link products that I fully trust and would use for myself and this does not affect the price you pay for these products.

1. Coffee Maker

Heads up - going to Starbucks every day for coffee will add up over time and become expensive! To help save you some money long-term, invest in a small coffee maker that can fit in your dorm room. Check out this K-Mini Keurig that comes in either gray, light blue, or black. It is less than five inches wide and can fit most anywhere:

2. Surge Protector Power Strip

Protect your electronics and have more plugs in your room! Check out this KMC 6-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip that is fifteen feet long and can reach anywhere in your room, even if there is no wall plugs nearby:

3. Water Filter

In college, you will either have to buy expensive (yikes!) plastic water bottles, drink from water fountains, or drink tap water. To ensure you are drinking safe, clean tap water, bring a water filter! Check out this Brita Water Filter that comes in either white, red, or turquoise:

4. Shower Shoes

In most dorm rooms, you have to share a shower with your suite-mates, or even possibly your entire floor! Yuck! Keep you feet off the bathroom and shower floor by investing in a pair of shower shoes. Check out these Xuanhsu Shower Shoes that come in many colors and have drainage holes in the bottom:

5. Utility Cart

A utility cart is great for extra storage in tiny spaces! With 3+ levels, you're able to fit more stuff in a smaller space. Check out this sturdy utility cart with lockable wheels (easy to move around or stay in place!) that comes in either white/pink, black, or white:

6. Under-Bed Storage Containers

Storing things under your bed is a great way to save space! Unless if you do happen to go under your bed for fun (extremely unlikely), then this space won't be used at all! This is a great place for storing clothes/shoes that are out of season, extra school supplies, etc. Check out this IRIS USA Clear Storage Box for a six inch tall storage container that can easily fit under your bed:

7. First Aid Kit

Seriously, did you ever think of this one? Be prepared in case of emergencies! Hopefully you will not have to use it, but keep a first aid kit handy just in case! Check out this Protect Life First Aid Kit that includes 150 pieces:

8. Drying Rack

Don't just put your wet clothes, towels, and swimsuits on the floor or try to hang them in your crowded dorm-sized closet! Get a drying rack instead! Most of these can fold and become flat, and it can be stored under your bed when you're not using it. Check out this Storage Maniac Drying Rack that has a rust-proof coating:

9. Food Storage Containers

Will you have a fridge in either your dorm room or one to use for your floor/entire dorm building? Then you'll need containers to put your leftover food in the fridge (bonus if it's microwave safe!) from when you do happen to make yourself food. Check out these Rubbermaid Food Storage Containers that are microwave-safe and come in a variety of sizes/sets:

10. Small Vacuum

Messy dorm rooms aren't cool. Some dorms provide vacuums to students, but they're typically old and huge so many students do not use them. To help keep your room clean, invest in a small, lightweight, and affordable vacuum cleaner! Check out this Eureka 3-in-1 Vacuum that comes in a few different colors:

Bonus: Amazon Prime Student Membership

Amazon has a prime membership just for students! It includes free two day shipping, college deals and exclusive promotions, access to Amazon Originals, and more! What's even better than all of that? There's a six month FREE TRIAL available for Amazon Prime Student! To sign up for this free six month trial, click here.

What do YOU think could be added to this list? Comment down below to let me know!


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