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Clothes To ACTUALLY Bring To College

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

While you may think that bringing your entire wardrobe with you to college is a great idea, unfortunately there is not enough room for everything in most dorm rooms or college apartments. Throughout the school year, you'll probably end up gaining even more clothes than you originally brought because you'll get shirts through clubs and organizations on campus and you'll go shopping! Here's a list of what you'll ACTUALLY need to bring with you that will fit in the closet wherever you're living!

Warning: I go to college in central Texas, so it's VERY hot a large portion of the year and it doesn't get extremely cold hardly ever. Therefore, if you're going to college somewhere that gets colder, you might want to bring some extra clothes for that weather. I'm also a girl, so there are some items on this list that don't apply for guys. Additionally, this list can also change based off of how much you personally dress up or dress down! Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. With that being said, I only recommend companies and products to you that I fully trust!

Pairs of Socks, Underwear, and Bras (Amount: 14+)

These items are what you'll need the most of! While some other clothing items you can wear more than once before throwing it in the laundry, you can't with these items. Have enough socks, underwear, and bras to get through 2 weeks laundry-free!

T-shirts and/or Tank Tops (Amount: 5-10)

Most people end up wearing t-shirts or tank tops to class when it's hot outside, so you'll need enough to get you through the next laundry day. However, you will receive LOTS of free shirts or pay for many throughout the school year! Throughout my freshman year of college, I ended up gaining around 8 new shirts from various organizations on campus and the clubs I was a part of.

Athletic Shorts (Amount: 7)

This is what you'll end up wearing with your t-shirts and tank tops most of the time when it's hot out! Unlike the t-shirts, though, this isn't something you'll gain more of throughout the year so ensure you have enough to wear with your t-shirts!

Other Shorts and/or Skirts (Amount: 3-5)

There will be times where you won't want to wear just athletic shorts! You'll want a few more options when it comes to your warmer weather wardrobe.

Long Sleeve Shirts (Amount: 5-8)

You'll also need some shirts for when it gets colder outside! If you live further up north, you might need more of these, but it just depends on the climate of where you're going to school.

Other Shirts (Amount: 3-5)

There will be days where you'll actually want to look a little bit nicer. Bring a few casual, nice shirts for those occasions. If you like to dress up a little bit nicer every day, you might want to bring a couple more than recommended here.

Jeans (Amount: 3)

Jeans are a go-to once it starts to get cooler outside! You won't need a whole lot, though, because there will be days where you'll wear comfier bottoms to class. Also, jeans are something that I'll usually wear twice before throwing them in the wash.

Leggings and/or Sweatpants (Amount: 3-5)

Just trust me on this one—you will be wearing these to class after the first few weeks of school, if not sooner! They are SO comfy to sit through lectures in. Also, you'll wear these to chill in around your dorm or apartment.

Other Long Pants (Amount: 3)

Any sort of other pants you own that don't fit into the other categories can fall under here! These are typically nicer pants, but they don't have to be!

Light Jacket (Amount: 1)

Light jackets are great for when it's starting to get a little cooler outside, or if your classrooms get freezing cold! There were times when it was 90 degrees outside but I'd carry a light jacket with me to class because the classroom I was going to would be WAY too cold to wear shorts and a t-shirt in.

Rain Jacket (Amount: 1)

When it rains, you'll need this! You don't want to show up to class or back home to your dorm or apartment soaking wet—you can possibly get sick from this.

Heavy Jacket (Amount: 1)

This is for when it gets REALLY cold out. Make sure that once it gets colder outside, you're keeping yourself warm enough when walking around campus.

Nice Outfits (Amount: 2-4)

You'll need some nice stuff to wear when you go out or for special occasions! For my nicer outfits, I'd choose to take dresses, rompers, jumpsuits, etc.

Gameday Outfits (Amount: 1-3)

You have GOT to have at least a couple of gameday outfits if you plan on going to any games! These outfits can overlap with the other clothing categories listed here to save some space in your closet.

Swimsuit (Amount: 1)

Whether you might go to the pool, the beach, the lake, etc, you will probably need a swimsuit at some point!

Sandals (Amount: 1)

Sandals can be worn with casual or nicer outfits. They're great for when you don't want to wear heels or wedges with these outfits.

Athletic Shoes (Amount: 1)

Athletic shoes are needed when you're working out (or you can just wear them to class!)

Casual Shoes (Amount: 1-3)

Bring a few pairs of Converse, Vans, etc to be able to switch between. These are the shoes you'll be wearing most of the time, so make sure they're comfy!

Rain Boots (Amount:1)

Honestly this is one of the most IMPORTANT items on this list! Do NOT go to college without a pair of rain boots! You'll be walking across campus to get from class to class, and you don't want to show up anywhere with soggy shoes and socks. Also, there are certain areas of my campus that pool quite a bit of water, so sometimes I'm walking through puddles that are 3-5 inches deep!

Heels and/or Wedges and/or Dress Shoes (Amount: 1)

You might want a pair of these to go with your nicer outfits and dresses! If you will be attending any sort of formal, you'll also want a pair of these to go with what you're wearing!

This concludes my list of clothes you'll ACTUALLY need for college! Comment down below if you think this list is missing anything!


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